Super Mario!

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Super Mario!

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Mario Balotelli and Marmite bring the same splitting issue to people. You either love them or loath them. I cannot touch Marmite and don’t understand how anyone can like it. Mario Balotelli however is a Brussel Sprout. A food which I originally despised and didn’t want to know anything about to one I will now eat without complaint.

Balotelli has been at times a pantomime villain this season. For Manchester City he has been sent off twice and booked 11 times in total this season. Amongst this there have been stories of training ground bust ups with team mates as well as the manager and throwing darts at youth players at the clubs training ground complex. Now although these incidents cannot be condoned and as a Man United fan I would normally take pleasure in a chance to criticise a player of a rival team as most Manchester City fans would do if it was the other way round. BUT, I like Balotelli. Yep. I did not like him at the start of the season as I though him too arrogant, but as the season has gone on he has begun to play with a smile on his face. His turning point to favour in my eyes was this moment:

Dzeko had just scored his first goal for Manchester City since arriving in January and it was a goal that basically ensured City’s place in the Champions League. Hence he was overjoyed! Only for Balotelli to come up behind him and pull that practical joke on him, both Balotelli and Dzeko were all smiles after the incident and everytime I see it it makes me laugh too.

5 days before Balotelli played this classic school ground trick a story was released that he had come out of a casino after winning money and while passing a tramp simply gave him £1000. Gave away 1000 pounds. Perhaps he was drunk? But drunk or not this is still hugely generous.

A couple of weeks following this another story added extra meaning to the players nickname ‘Super Mario’. Another ‘super’ act. Outside the training ground, instead of throwing darts at youth players, Balotelli found a boy truanting school because he was being bullied. Balotelli then took the boy back to his school, demanded to talk to the headmaster and confronted the bullies.

Yes this may not have made a difference to either the tramps life or whether the child was bullied anymore: he also had a run in with Manchester United in the F.A Cup semi-final and after victory in the F.A Cup final he swore live on T.V, asking if he could swear. Which was very amusing, Wayne Rooney style ban anyone? It’s not looking likely but let’s not get into that. So although he still has his faults Balotelli has been a breath of fresh air this season as he has grown into the English game, seemingly loving the role of being the ‘main man’ since Carlos Tevez became injured. He is paid to entertain, he has entertained, albeit not for me on the pitch as much as his ability should let him. But he will only get better, though I hope from my perspective he doesn’t. I just hope he doesn’t lose his personality in the process.

I will leave you with this. It always makes me laugh:

From a clear struggle to just dress himself to this:

Pick that out of the net. Undoubted talent combined with at times undoubted idiocy. A formulae that I for one find amusing and intriguing

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Hello world!

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